Port Alexander is a small rural boardwalk community of about 65 hearty souls. Located 70 air miles from Sitka, Alaska on the southern end of Baranof Island. Completely off-grid, our saying here is if you want electricity you have to make it yourself. There are no roads, cars or cell service.

Port Alexander does have a state-regulated treated water supply, local and long-distance telephone service, US Post Office (just look up 99836), with once a week US mail delivered by boat, and the best views on the planet. 

Originally a fishing boom-town in the teens and twenties with a population in the thousands with fish buyers, dance halls, saloons, a general store and a bakery.

Port Alexander's population took a downturn until the mid '60s when some hearty young souls decided to make it home again, building cabins in the rainforest, commercial fishing, and living off the land.

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