Where are we?

The Laughing Raven Lodge nestles among salmon berry bushes, ferns and Sitka spruce, in a small fishing village perched on the tip of Baranof Island. People have been coming to fish from Port Alexander since the 1920’s, when we were a busy little town of 1200, at least in the summer months. The commercial fishery has changed since that time, and the village now only numbers about 50 year-round residents, but people still come to fish in the summer.

Silvery King Salmon jump on a taut fishing line stretched over a sparkling blue sea. Huge halibut shudder and heave into the boat. Pink prawns slide from a shimmering, icy bay into a piquant cocktail sauce within hours… this is what guests become part of at the Laughing Raven Lodge.

Our community is fiercely proud of its uniqueness and has strong leadership to insure that it will remain a rough jewel among the wave-washed beaches of Southeast Alaska. During the summer months Port Alexander is home to a fleet of salmon trollers and small long-liners. The docks are their homes, and their boats are their lives. To help insure that our community members can maintain the life they came here for, regulations have been put in place to prevent some of the problems, which have plagued other small fishing communities. It is our belief that these regulations, such as the one that states the maximum size of lodges to be no more than eight guests at a time, not only protect the community, but also work to make your trip to Port Alexander the Alaskan experience you crave: camaraderie without crowds, plenty of fish for all, untamed nature unfolding in all its capricious moods…

How to Get to Port Alexander